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11/22/05 - AeroScore, Inc has begun creating interactive maps of Wake Forest NC, and will offer custom maps on a commission basis.

Our site about NC RTP has been doing well, as has our site about Wake Forest NC.

10/11/04 - NC Real Estate Network reaches #2 on google for search of the words NC real estate network. NC Realtors wishing to get on board can visit NC Realtor or NC Real Estate Network .

10/11/04 - AeroScore is showing lots of hometown pride, with itsí site about Wake Forest, NC. which has an article about traffic and housing problems caused by the new growth and development of the town due to the expansion of the city of Raleigh into the suburbs.

10/11/04 - AeroScore has created the NC Real Estate Network. The North Carolina Real Estate market is going nuts lately. In addition to sites owned by AeroScore, such as NC Realtor, real estate agents and businesses which provide various other services to the real estate industry are starting to join. There are already 10 websites. Within the past few days it has been #1 and has stayed in the top 5 of all new rings.

10/11/04 - AeroScore will be preparing WebHome as a full service website community. It will offer full scale web site services of 25 pages from AeroScore with domain name registration services from ProName US, while having WEBHOME be home, home on the web to various customers who have sites of 5 pages or less. Networking, marketing, and promotion services will also be offered.

10/11/04 - Started a total refurbishment of the Wake Forest, NC web site so that it now has a WFBIZ community with more user-friendly features to promote the Wake Forest businesses Raleigh, RTP companies and other area businesses. Itís not our best site yet, and there is a long way to go, but it is starting to look great, so stop in and visit! Check out the Wake Forest postcard. Itís a great view from the Falls Lake dam overlooking the Neuse River, aka Neusie.

10/9/04 - After being on the top 3 of search engine results for a week regarding the Presidential debate, we got Bikers Magazine back to looking like a Biker site, and we have the Grassroot USA site looking almost like a biker site. The problem was that it was Grassroot we wanted to get picked up. Oh well, lots of new info recently added at both sites.

10/3/04 - Announcing the World Internet Surfing Championship. AeroScore, along with Bikers Magazine and Biker Tee, has created what we think is the very first ever Internet Surfing Championship. Participants from all over the world are welcome. Sponsoring websites will provide prizes along with hidden clues to finding the next prize in this challenging International Treasure Hunt. The overall winner will be crowned Internet Surfing Champion of the World and go on to defend his or her crown. The first game in this series is at the Internet Surfing Championship Pipeline and is called ďYour Next ClueĒ.

Prizes, so far, are humble but considered the finest of their genre -  a six pack of Belhaven Scottish Ale contributed by AeroScore, (but you have to go to Wake Forest, NC to pick it up - must be over 21), a tattoo contributed by Bikers Magazine (but you have to go to Fayetteville, NC) and a motorcycle tee shirt contributed by Biker Tee (free shipping will be provided). We expect prizes in the future will get wilder and better; like a date with the drummer, an autographed guitar, jewelry, dinner for two, free vacation. Weíre hoping to get a motorcycle manufacturer to sponsor the future.

9/30/04 - Bikers Magazine asked Toyota to pull an ad which seems to promote motorcyclist endangerment in a Toyota commercial that pits several trucks against a motorcycle in the name of freedom.

5/31/04 - Happy Memorial Day. Donít forget the fallen Vet. Registered for a DUNS number at Dun and Bradstreet, D&B, since it is required in order to bid on government contracts. Also, I received an email from a website that markets to businesses owned by veterans. Since I am a veteran (Vietnam era, USN) and own several businesses I decided to look into it. I didnít use that particular company, but did find a very useful FREE sites for veterans who own a business. VetBiz Registry

5/30/04  I have a friend who is selling a really nice custom 1992 Harley Davidson FXR Lowrider. I wanted to buy it, but will keep my Sportster. So, yesterday I created a new website HAWG Cycle Sales at HAWG.us. After about 5 hours worth of work, I have his bike advertised and have the ability to advertise other motorcycles for sale.

5/28/04 - Have been very involved with the project to create a North Carolina only version of All Trades USA, Inc. It is using a MySQL database with php which is going through a complete rewrite. Expected completion is October, 2004, hopefully in time to help some of the many helpdesk workers in Raleigh who are getting laid off this summer find some work. Created a feedback page and have started obtaining data related to quality of services from service providers.

5/28/04 Created a webring for the Triangle Home & Business Services Network. This wll offer an expanded area of the service network to compliment another webring which was originally set up for the Wake Forest Home & Business Network. For contact information and an idea of what a webring is all about, see the bottom of the home page for WakeForest.Biz

 5/10/04 - Lots of projects underway. Began redesigning the web site for the Wake Forest Home and Business Network. Also, began the initial layouts of a real estate megasite: Home-Land. Did a quick redo of EspanolPro.com to be used by a customer who has his Hispanic Interpreter domain name locked by Register.com. Iíve been trying to help him secure it back from them, but so far we are having difficulty dealing with them. As soon as we try to call their customer disservice line they send him over to an answering machine.

About 5/1/04 - Finally we got all the domain names transfered. What took Register.com so long? We strongly recommend against using their overpriced  disservices.

4/24/04 - We are still awaiting transfer of domain name registrations from Register.com. The 10 remaining are 2piece.com, AeroScore.com, AllTradesUSA.com, BikerTee.com, CarMile.com, DotDBA.net, EspanolPro.com, Legends-Pub.com, TravisLeigh.com, and TroubledHorseCenter.com. We manage 3 of these domain names on behalf of clients. We have contacted, and will continue to contact Register.com by all means possible until these transfers take place.

4/24/04 - After 10 days, we finally got those domain names which had been registered through Verisign and Network Solutions transferred to our new registrar.

4/24/04 - We are redesigning our web site in order to serve you better. Please pardon our appearance during this rebuild.

4/24/04 - We are now offering low priced domain name registrations and other web site services through our subsidiary ProName USA.

4/24/04 - We have acquired several more domain names and are in the process of building websites on them.

4/24/04 - Refurbished the web site at WebHome USA including new pricing of the premium domain names in the AeroScore Collection.

4/14 - Initiated transfers of all domain names to a different accredited registrar and extended their dates by one additional year. This consolidates them for easier management.

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