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Professional Services

US Government Contracts Eligibility:
AeroScore is proud to be 100% Veteran Owned and Operated.
AeroScore is a small business which is woman owned.

Business Services

Business services which AeroScore, Inc is able to provide:

Advertising Campaigns - AeroScore has experience in radio and cable television advertising and production, sound and video recording and production, highly popular internet sites. In the domestic US market, AeroScore maintains a network of good relations with print media and magazines. Advertising campaigns are customized specifically for the services and products you are trying to sell. AeroScore analyzes the most effective means of reaching your potential customers. Once the target market is identified, AeroScore negotiates with the various media outlets in order to reach your target audience multiple times, with a message that works in motivating them to become your customer.

Internet Web Site Development - See Wake Forest Web Design

Marketing - small to medium sized contracts with specialties including total project management.
Internet sites - development and maintenance either as a subcontractor in a support position, or as project lead.
Computer Systems Selection - consultant for the selection of secure computer and networking equipment, including servers, routers, LAN, WAN, multiple workstations, and handheld equipment. Operating systems including Unix, Linux, VMS, OpenVMS, Microsoft NT, XP, and the entire MS family of products, and future hybrid os.
Process Engineering and Reengineering - from subcontracting consultant to total project management, AeroScore, Inc has an outstanding track record of providing benefits to extend the lifetime of legacy systems.

AeroScore Professional Services include:

  • Computer Systems Consultant
  • Business Analysis for Systemic and/or Process Improvement
  • Computer Research and Analysis
  • Systems design and development
  • Project Management
  • Networked Systems and File Sharing.
  • Web Site Design and Development through our Wake Forest Web Design company.
  • Premium Domain Name Sales
  • Domain Name Registration through our Pro Name system.
  • Domain Name leasing programs
  • Web Site leasing and build to suit programs.
  • Web Site Sales
  • Marketing of Web Sites.
  • Establishment of Networked Communities
  • Web Hosting services.
  • Real Estate related industry web site networking and promotion. Ask about the NC Real Estate Network.
  • Home Improvement industry specialist from small startups to major construction firms. Ask about All Trades USA, Inc.
  • Computer Systems and Servers designed and built to specification by AeroScore Computers. Linux and OpenVMS.
  • Computer Troubleshooting and Repair by AeroScore Computers.
  • Manufacturing, Production, Purchasing, and Distribution Systems. Consultation, Analysis, Design, Development.
  • Training
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