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AeroScore Internet Publications

These are the top internet sites or publications currently owned and operated by AeroScore, Inc. At any one time, AeroScore maintains a portfolio of more than 100 internet web sites, using between 60 and 100 domain names. For a more comprehensive directory of AeroScore web sites, please see AeroScore directory. Please note that some domain names in our portfolio are not listed. Also, be advised that some web sites are owned by clients and non-profit organizations which AeroScore assists at no charge.


Bikers USA

The #1 internet site for Bikers in the US and worldwide, with over a million visitors annually. Bikers USA posts thousands of world-wide motorcycle rally and motorcycle events, with most of them being for non-profit organizations. It also contains many articles about motorcycling, and is active in supporting biker rights. Bikers USA is not yet funded or heavily used for advertisements by motorcycle manufacturers. It occasionally accepts advertisements, if the ads are geared toward the biker community.
Since 2000, Bikers USA has been dedicated to providing resources for the Biker subculture. It first began as Bikers Magazine, an online ezine, but was renamed to Bikers USA in 2005 in order to avoid any possible name confusions with a print magazine published by the people who publish Easyrider. In the first five years of itsí operation, it operated with little to no revenue. After changing to Bikers USA in 2006, and a complete regorganization of the site, it began operating in the black, getting a revenue stream from a few advertisers. With more advertisers, particularly from motorcycle dealers or a motorcycle manufacturer, it could have a very large revenue potential.
Bikers USA is proud to be a site that is suitable for all ages. Bikers USA is geared primarily toward Bikers who ride American V-twin motorcycles such as Harley-Davidson, vintage Indians, and choppers. - Do you want to buy it? It is a turnkey internet site, and domain name that has been steadily worked on over the course of 6 years, with over a million visitors annually, becoming the top internet site for the biker subculture.
Serious offers in the 6 or 7 figure range only, please contact AeroScore.

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