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US Government Contracts Eligibility:
AeroScore is proud to be 100% Veteran Owned and Operated.
AeroScore is a small business which is woman owned.

AeroScore Employment Opportunities

Account Executives - Raleigh, NC and the Triangle NC area.
Ideal situation if want to be your own boss and make your own hours.
Receive commissions based on sales.
Sell web site services ranging from advertisements posted on web sites, to promotion of existing sites, to complete web sites.
Must have own transportation and laptop.
Must have general understanding of the internet, business, and marketing.
The work involves visiting business owners/managers and having a friendly chat to determine their business needs regarding internet marketing, recommending marketing and advertising strategies, and selling AeroScore Professional Services.

If you have worked in sales before, or as an advertising account executive, and found it difficult to sell because the products or services are priced way too high, you will find that our pricing is quite affordable.


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