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AeroScore Announcements

AeroScore joins Armor My PC.

3/10/07 Armor My PC will become a leader in training adults and parents how to use computers to surf the web safely, and how to protect their computers from viruses and worms. AeroScore has been consulting with Armor My PC, and has developed some initial web sites for helping them market and deliver their services. AeroScore is looking forward to helping Armor My PC to teach the courses. It will be a lot of work to get it all started, but the courses are going to be terrific fun. See Armor My PC.

AeroScore in Daytona Beach for Daytona Bike Week.

3/10/07 AeroScore, parent company of Bikers USA, is in Daytona Beach during Daytona Bike Week. Bikers USA has set up a telephone hot line which can be used by bikers or biker-friendly business: 386-506-8772

AeroScore Revs Up Hotel Maps for NASCAR Speedways

Hotel MAPS USA gets the green flag at Pocono.
December 2006
AeroScore is pleased to announce that Pocono International Raceway reviewed the map we created of their track, Pocono International Raceway, and has given Hotel Maps USA the green flag, as a Pocono Raceway travel affiliate at their popular internet site.
AeroScore began offering hotel reservations through itsí Bikers USA internet publication and in 2005. We focused a great deal of attention to the niche market for Speedways right from the starting line. In 2006, when AeroScore launched Hotel Maps USA, it created several maps which showed the location of hotels near race tracks such as Daytona International Speedway, Lowes Motor Speedway, and others. Halfway through 2006, Hotel Maps USA began leading the field in the market for Speedway hotels. By fall of 2006, Hotel Maps USA had improved the design process of itsí unique mapping programs, and created maps for all race tracks on the NASCAR circuit.

Hotel MAPS USA rallies for Great Lakes Dragway.
December 2006
In late November, Bikers USA received a request to post a motorcycle event on itsí Wisconsin Bikers page. The Harley Shootout Rally will be held in August, 2007 at Great Lakes Dragway. In addition to posting the event at Wisconsin Bikers, Hotel Maps USA created a hotels map of Great Lakes Dragway.
Bikers USA has become the internet leader for bikers, and has a special interest in motorcycle racing. Hotel Maps USA is quickly becoming the internet leader for hotel maps, and specializes in the creation of maps which show hotels near race tracks.
AeroScore, Inc is publisher of Bikers USA and Hotel Maps USA.

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