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AeroScore Computers

US Government Contracts Eligibility:
AeroScore is proud to be 100% Veteran Owned and Operated.
AeroScore is a small business which is woman owned.

AeroScore Computers

AeroScore Computers - custom builders of servers and workstation computers.

AeroScore has a computer and electronics industry background going back almost thirty years. Throughout our history, we have learned that the best computers are the ones we design and build for our own use. To ensure we get the best performance for our computer dollars, AeroScore has found it necessary to select each and every component, custom design, and build each work station and server we use. After the computer is assembled, we install the software we will be using, then test. We have consistently found that the best selling computers available cannot meet the performance vs price that we are able to achieve.

Many people who require computers for more than just email and surfing the web love our high performance computers, and often want AeroScore to custom build a similar computer for them.

AeroScore Computers now accepts orders for custom built workstations with a minimum lot size of 4 units. The price for each workstation is $150 over all costs. For servers, please inquire.

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