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US Government Contracts Eligibility:
AeroScore is proud to be 100% Veteran Owned and Operated.
AeroScore is a small business which is woman owned.

AeroScore, Inc is proud to be 100% owned and operated by US military veterans. As a result of some popular world-wide-web publications, AeroScore is internationally recognized. AeroScore began operations in the United States of America in the 1970’s, and is headquartered in the town of Wake Forest, next to the capital city of Raleigh, NC.
For more information, see About AeroScore.

Government Services

Government Services - describes the US Government Contracts which AeroScore Inc is presently able to serve as a veteran preferred service provider, including logistical support, and computer system services.

Professional Services

Professional Services - describes services for businesses which AeroScore is able to provide, including; advertising, internet design services, web site design and development, and computer system services.

Travel Services

Travel Services - describes travel services which include online hotel reservations. The hottest item going into 2007 is that AeroScore has created Hotel Maps USA which has over 17,000 maps of cities throughout the US and Canada.

Internet Publications

Internet Publications - describes the AeroScore portfolio of internet publications. Several of our internet publications have become extremely popular. AeroScore offers advertising space at several of the most popular internet sites, and can customize an advertising campaign to reach a target market for your business or products.

Wake Forest Web Design

AeroScore has a dba company, Wake Forest Web Design, which  creates web sites for businesses in Raleigh NC and Wake Forest.

Please visit our latest "website makeover" for EspanolPro at,   a spanish <-> english Interpreter Service.

AeroScore Computers

AeroScore Computers - AeroScore is a designer and custom builder of high performance computers. AeroScore accepts orders for workstations in minimum lots sizes of 4 units, with simple ‘costs plus’ pricing.

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